When they take your smile away, they might just as well shoot you...

Violet Hensley

How do you respond to life's trials? We all have stories to tell... A lot of tales.
We are not forced to dread, hate or appreciate our experiences. We are always and solely responsible for the ways we interpret life events.
Substance addiction is not an alternative to coping with life trials.
Opening up to having more fun is one surest way.
Leave the past behind irrespective of what it was, the past does not have to determine what your next experience will be.
Create more fun that is coupled with action.
You can! I can! We can!
Do not let anyone take your smiles away.
ShepherdCave Services is where you need to be.
We help to put your past behind you... 
We help to turn your stumbling blocks to stepping stones thereby creating a beautiful future.
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